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Jen Tucker



Membership Information

BAHA has several types of memberships available for you to chose from. Take a look below at the choices. After you find the best choice for you, print off an application and mail it in to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



To be consider full member of BAHA, you may join using one of these four types of memberships.

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 AHA Adult Competition                                                  AHA Youth Competition

* One BAHA Membership                                                  * One BAHAY Membership
* One AHA Membership with Benefits                                * One AHYA Membership
* One AHA Competition Card                                            * One AHA Competition Card
* BAHA Voting Rights                                                      * BAHA Youth Voting Rights
* Region 14 Benefits                                                         * Region 14 Benefits
* Eligible as Region 14 Delegate                                       * Eligible as  Region 14 Youth Delegate


AHA Non-Competition                                                       AHA Youth Non-Competition

* One BAHA Membership                                                     * One BAHA Membership
* One AHA Membership with Benefits                                    * One AHA Membership
* BAHA Voting Rights                                                          * BAHA Youth Voting Rights
* Region 14 Benefits                                                            * Region 14 Benefits
* Eligible as Region 14 Delegate                                           * Eligible as Region 14 Delegate



 BAHA also offers Associate Memberships for those who may not choose to be a member of AHA. These memberships are popular for youth, spouses and maybe those new to the horse world.

* BAHA Adult Associate                                                         * BAHA Youth Associate

* One BAHA Membership                                                     * One BAHA Youth Membership
* BAHA Member Voting Rights                                             * BAHAY Voting Rights
(excludes election of officers and AHA issues)                                                  (non-AHA youth issues only)
* No Region 14 Benefits                                                       * No Region 14 Benefits
* No AHA Membership or Benefits                                        * No AHA Membership or Benefits
* Not eligible for Region 14 Delegate                                     * Not eligible for Region 14 Delegate





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