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2008 High Point Winners

Junior Exhibitor Divison Winners

Walk-Trot Pleasure 10 & Under:          Katherine Tate on Sierra Midnite
Walk-Trot Equitation 10 & Under:        Katherine Tate on Sierra Midnite
English Pleasure 14 - 17:                   Jennifer Henderson on Fuel Afire
Western Pleasure 14 - 17 :                Jennifer Henderson on Morgan
Hunter Pleasure 14 - 17:                    Jennifer Henderson on Candescence V  
Equitation Classes 14 - 17:                Jessica Lyons on On Account
Jumper 14 – 17:                                Jessica Lyons on On Account
Halter:                                              Jennifer Henderson with Tazzer
Working Hunter:                                Katie Pelphrey on WWW Bay Dot Com
Dressage (All Levels):                        Jessica Lyons on On Account
Showmanship 13 & under:                 Anissa Ariel Blair on EAM Jazz Dancer
Specialty:                                         Jennifer Henderson on Candescence V

Adult Amateur Exhibitor Division Winners

Western Pleasure:                            Rebecca Reed on Strike the Gold
Hunter Pleasure:                              Jenese Briegel on BHR Black Diamond
Equitation:                                       Jenese Briegel on BHR Black Diamond
Jumper:                                           Rebecca Reed on Docs Honey Comb
Halter:                                             Jason Reed with Kharismatic Bey
Sport Horse In Hand:                        Nicole Dutzi with Best Hope
Sport Horse Under Saddle:                Rebecca Reed on Docs Honey Comb
Working Hunter:                               Natacha Lesburgueres on Last Goodbye
Dressage:                                        Eleanor Valestin on HL Skyforce
Specialty:                                        Rebecca Reed on Strike the Gold

Open Adult Exhibitor Division Winners


English/Country Pleasure:              Martha Murdock on Karismatic Bey
Hunter Pleasure:                            Lorie Henderson on Augustina Bey
Western  Pleasure:                        Lorie Henderson on Morgan
Jumper:                                         Martha Murdock on Docs Honey Comb
Sport Horse In Hand:                      Martha Murdock with Last Goodbye
Sport Horse Under Saddle :             Martha Murdock on Last Goodbye
Working Hunter:                             Martha Murdock on Docs Honey Comb
Halter:                                           Martha Murdock with Last Goodbye
Junior Horse:                                  Martha Murdock on Last Goodbye
Specialty:                                       Martha Murdock on Last Goodbye


Recreational/Horsemanship Division Winners

Recreational Riding-Youth:          Anissa Ariel Blair on EAM Jazz Dancer
Horsemanship-Youth:                 Stephanie Henderson with Regal Images
Recreational Riding-Adult:           Judierle Hall on EAM Bitajazz
Horsemanship-Adult:                  Jennifer Kelly with HSA Orion



2008 High Point Banquet
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