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What have you been up to? We would love to hear the happenings of our club members. Have you been showing? Out on a trail? Attended a cool horse seminar? Let us know! Just send a short brief, and any pictures you'd like, and we will incorporate them into our news.

Please send your news and photo's to and we will get them up on our site!


2018 Falling Leaves Trail Ride
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2018 Club Excellence Finalist

This is HUGE!!

We are so proud, and humble, to have been named as one of the five finalist for the Arabian Horse Association’s Club Excellence Awards. We’ve been told that they had double the nominations this year. We were nominated in the breed promotion/community involvement category. Wow, wow, wow!

Awards will be given during the annual convention held in Tulsa this November, where several of our members will be in attendance.


BAHA Members In The News!

Congratulations go out to BAHA Members Judy Hall and Amanda O'Bryan

Judy recently helped out with Old Mill's Ag Day. Judy along with Marty O'Bryan "showed the students their horses and how you can read a horse's body language". Amanda helped organize the event for the Old Mill students.

Thanks for getting out into the community and spreading your love of horses.



2018 BreyerFest Recap

It doesn’t matter what you see in these photos, you’ll never be able to understand until you actually attend Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park! Compromised of lots of BAHA, SAHIBA, and other Region 14 members, and a very special horse from Canada, the Arabian Horse was represented in such an amazing light these past three days.

We all often talk about breed organizations slowing down, or the need to feed our circle with fresh blood...well, here it is folks! Some are meeting their first Arabian, some even touching a real horse for the very first amazing to be a part of those firsts for these folks.

This group has handed out 3,000+ magazines, goodie bags, and more Arabian swag! There were multiple disciplines represented, lots of meet and greets, signed autographs, passed out trading cards, folks from other countries visited, and even had the great *Empres, now a Breyer model, being featured with the group.

This wouldn't be happening without Lorie Hendersons committment to the Arabian Horse,  Breed Promotion,  and great group of kids. BAHA is so very Proud of her!

How special is it that we can ALL come together for one purpose, and that is to share our Arabian horse story.


2018 BreyerFest
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Girl Scouts Learn About The Arabian Horse at Firelight Arabians

We may have missed seeing everyone at the meeting this weekend, but that didn’t stop the excitement from happening at Firelight Arabians this weekend. Firelight hosted an educational, meet the Arabian kinda day for the girl scouts! Around 30 kids and more than a dozen adults attended the event planned especially for them.
They enjoyed a conformation talk and a riding demo, then broke into 3 groups and rotated through stations on how to groom, how to be around a horse, a saddling ,feeding, caring for you horse, stall maintenance, nutrition, and more!!

After lunch, they held a coloring contest, for the 3 age groups, complete with Breyer prizes. Then three horses were saddled, and all the girls got to ride!! Most had never been on a horse, and there were the biggest smiles upon their faces! So much good feedback, the horses were amazing, and the kids thought they were so beautiful! The Girl Scouts learned a lot and went home with a bag full of AHA stuff, Arabian Life Magazines, and lots of other goodies!

Thanks to our BAHA members that took time to share with the Girl Scouts. You are all absolutely amazing and your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed!! McCartney Swears, Tabby Taylor, Grace Garr, Heather Swears, Julian McPeak, Brinley Swears, Holly Kratzenberg, Carisa Eliese Patterson, Samantha Taylor, and of course, Lorie all set the bar high for others when it comes to breed promotion!

And of course none of it would have been possible without their talented horses, Augustara Bey+++/, Just Breezin By+++/, Xanadus Whimsical++, Patriot V++++/, & Yosemitee which are all trained by Firelight Arabians.


Girl Scouts Come To Firelight Arabians
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Region 14 Award Winners!

Congratulations to our BAHA members who have won Region 14 Awards!

Wow! What a night of success and accomplishment for our BAHA members. We are so dang proud of all of you and glad you’ve been recognized for your hard work and dedication to the Arabian Horse. You represent BAHA so well!

Youth of the Year: Brinley Swears
Sport Horse Handler of the Year: Henrietta Ellzey
Amateur of the Year: Carisa Patterson
Purebred Horse of the Year: Amira’s Whirlwind
Hall of Fame: Lorie Henderson
Breeder of the Year: Jerry & Barbara Johnson



2017 High Point Awards
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2017 High Point Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 High Point Winners!


Elise Goff    Shatons Spirit in Hunter Pleasure 14 -17 and Sport Horse Under Saddle
McCartney Swears for Claudia Duncat   Augustara Bey in Equitation Classes 14 - 17, Sport Horse in Hand and Specialty-Show Hack
Brinley Swears    Movado BA in Halter

Jenese Briegel    A Royal Gift in Equitation and Dressage (Training)
Cheryl Yelch    Yellow and Impressed in Western Pleasure and Showmanship
Holly Kratzenberg    Kentucky Moonshyne in Hunter Pleasure and Specialty-Show Hack
Amie Marino    REA Kaream Zaafar in  Halter
Carisa Patterson    AO Gazelle in Sport Horse in Hand
Catlyn Lauer    Written In The Stars in Sport Horse Under Saddle
Jenese Briegel    Ttotally Awesome in Dressage (Intro Level) and Specialty-Trail
Cindy Young    KC Lucks Lil Buck (Buck) in Endurance

Laura Corsentino for Jodi Koford  Tikit Vikit in Sport Horse In Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle, Dressage (1st Level),  Dressage (2nd Level & Above) and Specialty-Show Hack
Carisa Patterson for Jennifer Tucker  Angylia in Western Pleasure

Judierle Hall    Hot Apple Jac in Recreational Riding-Adult
Amanda O'Bryan    McCue Paints Hearts in Horsemanship-Adult


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