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2021 BAHA Calendar

 May 2021


05-22-21 BAHA “Dressage in the Bluegrass”, Masterson Station

05-26-21 BOD Mtg. @ 7:00pm


June 2021


06-17-21 thru 06-19-21 Region 13 Sport Horse Show

06-22-21 thru 06-27-21 Region 13 Horse Show

06-22-21 Shelby County Classic Horse Show

 06-30-21 thru 07-04-21 Region 14 Horse Show


July 2021


BAHA General Membership Mtg. & Cookout, Specifics TBA

07-17-21 thru 07-24-21 U.S. Arabian & Half Arabian Youth Nationals


August 2021


BAHA “Dressage in the Bluegrass”, Masterson Station, Specifics TBA


September 2021


09-13-21 thru 09-19-21 Sport Horse Show Nationals

09-19-21 San-N-Tone Horse Show

BAHA “Meet an Arabian Horse” @ Masonic Home, Shelbyville, Specifics TBA


October 2021


BAHA Falling Leaves Trail Ride at Jefferson Memorial Forest, Specifics TBA

10-09-21 BAHA General Membership Keeneland Tailgating Mtg, Specifics TBA

10-22-21 thru 10-30-21 U.S. Arabian & Half Nationals

BAHA McNeely Lake Horse Trail Clean Up, Specifics TBA


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