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BAHA is known for it's strong membership base and ability to have a good time!

Officially a Kentucky based club, BAHA has members in Ohio, Tennessee, and Indiana as well as across the state of Kentucky. Our members are just like the Arabian, versatile. BAHA members aren't just Arabian enthusiasts...we have members who love Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Miniature Horses, and even Donkeys! 

As a way of introducing the versatility of Arabian horses, BAHA puts on events for all interests and all breeds of horses. Planned events include fun shows, organized trail rides, youth activities, regional activities and more. BAHA is always planning an activity to make sure their members have FUN!


The BAHA group meets every other month to hold a general membership meeting. BAHA has very gracious members who usually host our regular meetings. We are often treated to presentations of beautiful horses, pool parties and even a hay ride!

 Maybe you want to learn more about the Arabian horse or maybe you are looking for a club full of vibrant, active club members. Either way, we all have something in common. The horse...and having FUN of course! BAHA events are open to everyone and we encourage and welcome anyone to join! 


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